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Obstructionists and detractors have talked impeachment of President Donald Trump even before he took the oath of office, but as much as talk is cheap, the odds are.

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Betting odds that President Trump will resign or be impeached. the betting odds against him.

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You have no doubt wondered if President Trump will be impeached and whether the odds are worth considering.Here are the latest Las Vegas odds for potential Donald Trump impeachment, courtesy of Bovada.

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These are the odds on when Donald Trump will leave office as of May 11.In the history of the US presidency, only three men—Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton—have ever been impeached or resigned.

Trump impeachment odds, and the odds of him quitting, are higher than ever.

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Of the three years Trump has remaining in his presidency, the betting site has impeachment most likely in 2018.If he makes it through his first year in the White House, however, it seems the likelihood that Trump will last a full four years will jump considerably.Those new odds equate to a 55.6 percent probability that the Senate will remove the president from office.Donald Trump is odds-on with bookmakers to be impeached during his first term as President of the USA with the bookmaker Donald Trump impeachment odds having been cut.

Again, impeachment would be all on the Republican-controlled House,.It has 11:10 odds that the Republican real estate mogul will leave office via impeachment or resignation.

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Trump is odds-on to run. paid out to people betting on Democratic candidate.

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President Donald Trump may not want to look at betting odds on his impeachment if he wants to get 2018 off to a positive start.Odds are that Donald Trump will survive a growing brew of controversies, but his chances are declining by the minute.

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Ladbrokes has taken more than 1,000 bets over the past week on a Trump impeachment, causing odds to tumble, according to the company.

Ireland-based online betting site PaddyPower gives has the odds that Trump gets impeached.

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That’s the latest word from U.S. betting markets and real-money politics prediction companies.

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